How to Style and Tame Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair is a natural hair type that requires special care to maintain its curls. With various options like conditioners, gels, creams, and spritzes, creating an effective hair cocktail for your specific curls can be challenging. However, you can achieve happy, hydrated, and healthy curls with proper care. Expert tips and tricks include using concentrated oils for ultimate moisture, coils, and lightweight spritzes for reviving waves. Modern innovation has also led to the development of styling tools, such as brushes, towels, combs, hats, and hairbands, which can help enhance your hair's natural movement.

Avoid rubbing Towel all over hair

Curls can be damaged by rough drying, which can lead to frizz. Avoid rushing to maintain curls and use a gentle, sulfate-free formulation. Wash and condition your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton shirt to absorb moisture more slowly. As a hairstylist expert, I recommend using a press and twist method to preserve curls and provide the body.

This gentler method involves pressing and twisting the hair with a towel rather than rubbing it back and forth. This gentler approach helps prevent frizz and promotes healthy, hydrated hair. Remember to use a microfiber towel or cotton shirt for a softer hair care routine. Secure your hair into a low ponytail, leaving a few hairs to frame your face, and secure it with a YANIBEST satin scrunchie.


Hairbrush vs. Wide-Toothed Comb

Use an easy brush but a Wide-toothed comb is recommended. Curly hair is drier and brittle, making it challenging to achieve curls. However, using a detangling brush on conditioned hair can help create poppier curls. Depending on hair length and density, a wide-toothed comb can also be practical. A hairbrush or wide-toothed comb can help maintain the curl's natural shape. To style your hair, use a high ponytail, brush hair spray onto a comb, and run it through to tame flyaway, then secure it with a YANIBEST satin scrunchie.

Feather hair ends

Curls are a popular hairstyle that can be enhanced with a 'feathered' cut, which involves the hairstylist feathering the ends of the hair with a razor or scissors. The best cut for curls depends on the curl type and desired result, as well as the lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of the wearer.

For those who prefer natural curls, a lot of shape and releasing excess weight can enliven them. Consulting with a stylist specializing in curly cuts is recommended to find the perfect cut for your lifestyle and aesthetic. This technique, similar to a synthetic ribbon, allows the ends of the hair to shoot up into a curl. Separate hair into neat sections with a tail-end comb, brush back into buns with hairspray, position high or low, and secure with YANIBES satin scrunchies.

Swapping Hair Serum for Curl Creme

Curls are a natural part of hair, and finding the right formula for them can be challenging. However, the L.O.C method, which involves liquid/leave-in, oil, and cream, can help achieve the desired luster. The liquid step can activate texture for looser curls or finer hair, while tighter curls or coils require a heavier leave-in conditioner.

The oil step adds moisture, while the cream locks in moisture and adds definition. If the process seems overwhelming, experimenting with the order of steps is worth testing. For example, Leave-In Conditioning Mist, Instant Recovery Serum, and Air-Dry Cream can help add moisture, buildable hold, and 24-hour frizz defense. Experiment with different products to find the best formula for your unique curls.

Use Hairdryer with Diffuser

Curls can be enhanced with the use of a diffuser on a hairdryer. You can create perfectly defined curls by turning the hairdryer on the 'low' setting and placing large sections over the diffuser. Invest in a diffuser to avoid frizz and drying too quickly. To achieve perfect curls, spray a mixture of water and Oil Conditioner, place the hair on the diffuser, and dry on low to medium heat. Secure your hair in a soft bun and add a YANIBEST satin scrunchie for a pop of interest.

Choosing Light-Hold Hairspray

To maintain moisturized curls, avoid using strong-hold hairspray. Instead, opt for curl-specific hold spritzes or light misting of low-alcohol hairspray for luscious-looking curls, as high-alcohol hairspray can dehydrate them.

Avoid using Sulfates, Silicones, and Parabens in Hair Products

Curls can be damaged by harsh cleaning agents like sulfates, silicones, and parabens, which strip hair of its natural oils and moisture, making it dry and brittle. Parabens, a preservative, may cause cancer. Some anti-frizz products contain silicones, which can weigh down curly hair. Instead, ensure your hair is hydrated and nourished with sulfate-free formulas with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and plant butter for beautiful curls.


Get a satin scrunchie Headband

A satin scrunchie headband is a valuable tool for curly-haired women who need to flatten their hair at the crown and maintain curls at the ends. These silky soft scrunchies provide styling help and hair care with their shiny luxury look and velvety softness. They can also be used to protect hair and preserve style while sleeping. To use, pull your hair to the top of your head and place the scrunchie loosely around your curls. These scrunchies are perfect for nighttime routines, preserving curls without frizz or breakage.