About Us

Story's Beginning......

---Yani is a little girl with curly hair who is different from other kids' hair

---Her mom (Shiny) hopes Yani like her hair and tries to find a way to shine and straighten her hair

---Shiny found out that her daughter is not the only one, there are lots of people including adults facing the same hairstyle problem

---Shiny decided to do research to develop and manufacture products to solve hair problems not only to help her little girl, but everyone facing the same problem


The History of The YANIBEST Brand

Shiny, Yani's mother, has been and still an excellent foreign trade saleswoman.
When Yani's hair got long, very curly, and frizzy. Every School morning was like a battle for her.
Sadly some kids were making fun of Yani's hair,Shiny saw all of this and started looking for various solutions to curly hair problems.
During the research process, Shiny found many people with the same hair issues as Yani does. Shiny felt that if she can
design a product to solve the problem caused by curly hair, people would benefit from it, not just for YANI.
She opened an online store with her E-commerce team, they designed the adjustable satin bonnet. liked and commented by many consumers that YANIBEST BONNET is the exact product they were looking for.
Most of the products in the market either too tight(caused headaches) or too loose (slip easily during the night) as we know each person’s head size is different.
Shiny believes that consumers could enjoy a pressure-free sleep when wearing an infinitely adjustable bonnet, which not considered by Most of the sellers.
After nearly a year of marketing researching, improving, and test-selling. Shiny and her team used the same concept to design a series of bonnets and they even applied patents for these designs.
After the bonnets came to the market, they are getting plenty of positive comments/likes.