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What we are doing here

At YANIBEST, we don’t just want our customers’ hair to shine. We want their confidence to shine, we want their self-worth to shine, and we want their positivity to be contagious. We want women to shine their natural beauty from the inside out.

Start from championing the textured hair, YANIBEST has been cooperating with top fabric R&D teams around the world and introducing the newest technology to our satin lines, making the satin bonnet, satin pillowcases and satin lined beanies...  super smooth, soft, silky to hair, then promote the hair health and shine the natural beauty out.

We want to let you know, here is someone always care about your indeed needs, we want to bring the SHINE here and make it “SHINE ON” together with our community.


Shiny has been and still be an experienced business woman. She used to focus on exploring various kinds of outdoor hats for both fashion and function before her baby-Yani came to the world.

As Yani growing up, Shiny found that this girl was different from others by looking at her hair, so frizzy, dry and knotted everywhere.Shiny could never easily handle it for her daughter although she wanted to style it cutely.

Everything became worse when Yani reached school age, many kids made fun of her “Crazy Lion”hairstyle, and this would absolutely influence Yani’s mood and hurt her feeling.

Shiny believed that she could do something for her girl, it’s a mother’s determination . She studied deeply in the curly hair and found that “Satin Bonnet” was the final answer, and she also learnt that Yani was not the only one who need help on the hair problem.Then Shiny got to know that she had to do something for all the girls.

As a business woman, Shiny was very strict and experienced on the product quality including fabric, designs, user experience, she could not find a satisfied satin bonnet which had perfect fabric or would comfortably fit.Most of the Satin Bonnets were neither too tight (cause headache)ot too loose (slip off when sleep).

In view of the experience on hats business, Shiny firstly introduced the adjustble band to the satin bonnet and achieved big success.Many of the customers praised the creative solution to make the non-slippage bonnet, also the amazing satin fabric used on the bonnet.“It is as smooth as butter” like they said.

Shiny insisted to make the best bonnets with  affordable price. Shiny believes that consumers could enjoy a pressure-free sleep when wearing an infinitely adjustable bonnet, which not considered by most of the sellers.

So this is a little story started from a mom and a daughter, but then resonated with many. Like the brand name YANIBEST, Shiny wants everyone to feel their best moment with the satin bonnet. Many of the customers now become YANIBEST’s Volunteer Advicors, and selflessly share their thoughts with YANIBEST to improve the community.

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