Improve Hair Health,Reduce Hair Loss, Reduce Hair

We want our hair in a shiny soft smooth look which indicates the healthy state. While because of the explosure to the air, the touch to the fabric around like sofa, beddings, towels and so on, our hair is lossing its moisture all the time and getting knotted easily, making it fragile, dry, loss and frizzy.Especially when it comes to natural hair,the hair itself is easier to be broken.

Satin is such a fabric, silky surface which will not bring the friction to your hair and less absorbancy which will keep your hair max moisturized.It stops the problems at the stage problems caused instead of making up for the issues.

You hair will get stronger and smoothier day by day when use the satin bonnet.


Keep Hairstyle In Order

Your hair goes through a lot while you sleep. From the tossing and turning that can tug on strands generating static electricity and creating breakages and split ends, to the creasing from one side to the other side, you will see a totally messy hair every morning when you wake up.

By covering your hair with satin, you are going to safely enjoy your night sleep and wake up to see a refreshed shiny self with no more bed hair. It allows your hair stayed in the mostly fixed place and style.And that is the bonus, another 15 minute for relax, you don’t need to spend too much time on unknotting your hair.


Adjustbale Band for Non-slippage all night for Better Sleep Quality 

Sometimes we are stressful worrying about the bonnet. Tight bonnet will cause headache, leaving wrinkles on our forehead, drag our edges. However, loose bonnet will always slip at night that you won’t have it to protect your hair all night. You could not find the perfect one. So the adjustable band is why we insist, adjust to the fit size, neither too loose  nor too tight, can stay in place all night and comfortabley wear to customized feel.


So what else are you waiting for? (Just tell us, we are always happy to improve!)